Burton Farm


Burton Lane, Burton Hastings,

Warwickshire, CV11 6RA.

Call: 07795 015303

Email: burtonfarmfishery@outlook.com

Our Fishery is now closed for the Winter and reopens Spring 2021.

The BIG Spring charity Match

Entries now open for our Spring charity match

Junior & Youth three day festival

Entries open for our three day festival

Junior & Youth Nationals

National event 26 June organised through the Angling Trust

Late summer two day Festival

More information to follow


Burton Farm Fishery is a family run business located in North Warwickshire. We have five lakes open for fishing on our 72 acre farm and a sixth lake opening in spring 2021. 

We welcome all anglers to our fishery and ask that you take care of our beautiful fish and be respectful to the land and other people whilst visiting.



We love our spot in the countryside and all the elements that make it such a special place to come and relax and enjoy a great days fishing.

We try hard to ensure that everyone who joins us at the lakes has a fantastic experience and to help us achieve that we ask you to follow our rules:


  • Barbless hooks only - max size 10

  • No braided line to be used on main line or hook lengths

  • You must have a large net, as well as a large unhooking mat or cradle for the carp

  • Fish care first aid liquids or sprays must be used

  • Use of keep nets is only allowed during matches

  • Maximum of two rods per person for day or night fishing

  • No bolt rigs or fixed feeders

  • NB: all landing nets, keep nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats must be staked out for 30 mins before entering the water.

  • No stink bags on the bank

  • Pole limit for junior and youth matches to be announced closer to match dates.

Matches - additional rules

  • Barbless hooks only - max size 10 for carp and max size 12 for silvers lakes

  • Separate keep nets for carp and silvers. Carp max 60lbs, silvers max 40lbs

  • Catch nets must be used for bigger fish - 6 inch + or approx 2 ounces

  • When releasing fish after weighing, net must be placed in the water - do not drop fish in to the water from any height


  • No bloodworm, joker, dog or cat meats, spam type meats, artificial baits or nuts

  • No spods or bait boats

  • No feeding or floating baits

  • Fishery pellets only


  • You must have a valid EA rod licence

  • No litter to be left at the fishery - please take all rubbish home

  • Do not throw left over bait in to the water 

  • All anglers aged 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult

  • No alcohol or drugs allowed on site

  • All fish must be handled correctly and released as quickly as possible back in to the water

  • If you believe a fish has been injured or you have concerns please contact the fishery owner immediately

  • Park in the carparks only unless you have permission to drive to the bank by the owner

  • The speed limit on site is 5mph for the safety of other visitors and our resident goats, dogs, horses and wildlife.

You will be asked to leave without a refund if you do not adhere to the rules


Prices 2021

Day ticket

One rod £7   Two rods £10 

Concession (65 and over or 16 and under)

One rod £6   Two rods £9

Night fishing (24hr ticket)

Two rods max £25pp

24hr tickets must be booked in advance

24hr tickets start at either 7am or 7pm. If you want to arrive in-between those times, you are welcome, however you may need to wait for your overnight spot if day ticket anglers are set up.

Who's who

Dave (and BooBoo)

Owner and creator

Jo and Pete



Head of security







Currently open at weekends only. 

Breakfast cobs/rolls/batches available, as well as burgers and cold options.


We are a stockist of Evolved Baits. we have pellets, pop-ups, boilies and amino liquids available.

Fish care first aid kits

To ensure our fish are kept in tip top condition we ask that you use first aid kits, these are sprays or liquids - we have the kits available, you can also buy them at the Tackle Shack in Nuneaton.


We have toilets facilities on site. We have separate facilities for men, women and disabled.



Contact us

Burton Farm, Burton Lane, Burton Hastings,

Warwickshire, CV11 6RA.