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Kingfisher Lake

We are really passionate about our specimen lake and we are confident you will have a fantastic experience when you book a session at our fishery.

Please ensure that you take a look through our specific rules for the Kingfisher Lake, which are at the bottom of this page.

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The lake has it's own specific rules - the rules must be adhered to at all times. If rules are knowingly broken you will be asked to leave immediately, with no refund, and banned from returning.

What's banned from the fishery

  • Fixed Leads

  • Braid 

  • Bent Long Curved Shank or In pointing hooks

  • No surface fishing

  • Bait Boats, large spods, Drones and Deepers

  • Beachcaster Method 360 rig and Zig rigs

  • Lead Core

  • Double Strength Line

  • All particle baits (large nuts & pulses) except Sweetcorn and Hemp

  • Shock-snag leader and any other Non coated Catfish rigs (Kevlar etc)

  • Barbed Hooks

  • Tents (BIVVIES ONLY)

  • BBQ's


  • Maximum 2 rods

  • Maximum Size 8 hooks

  • You must use the cradles and slings provided - if any equipment is damaged or breaks when you are booked please let us know. Breaks happen, but we need to know so we can replace.

  • There is no pole fishing on the lake and your rods must be strong enough for big carp. No quiver tips etc.

  • Minimum 10lb line on the carp lake

  • Fishing is from 10am

  • No walking around the Specimen Lakes unless you have booked and paid the appropriate fee.

  • No visitors allowed to your peg. If you are meeting someone you must bring your lines in and meet in the carpark or café

  • Forceps/disgorgers must be used to remove hooks if the hooks are not easily accessible

  • No braid. Please use Mono or Fluorocarbon

  • Do not leave rods unattended

  • No driving to your peg

  • At spawning times or when oxygen levels are low, the lake will be closed, you will be made aware and receive a refund

  • No standing up with fish – Always kneel down when handling fish, holding the carp close to the ground over the cradle

  • You must be aged over 18 to book on to the lake

  • No dogs allowed on site unless they are therapy or guide dogs

  • No alcohol or drugs allowed

  • Please take a picture of your catch and send through to the fishery owner, along with the weight, this helps us keep a record of our fish and ensure they are growing as expected and are healthy.


  • You must have a fish care kit and it must be used immediately after removing the hook. If the carp has any damage to it's mouth or body you must treat it. If the damage is not treatable and you have any concerns you must report this to the fishery owner. If unavailable, please take a picture of the damage.

  • If, during a catch, you become snagged, for example in reeds and you are able to release the fish, please contact the fishery owner. We do have a boat available if needed. 

  • Cradles, nets and slings are provided for each peg, the equipment must be used for all catches

  • Treat all the fish with the upmost of care, if you are struggling to land a catch, do not drag the fish in, ask another angler to support you.

On a personal note, from the fishery, the new carp we have stocked are very special and are specific strains which grow big and healthy. The carp are not cheap to buy or to look after, we are trusting that you are an experienced carp angler and you are confident you can land carp weighing 30lbs+.


We do have another carp lake, called the Heron Lake, this has carp up to 18lbs and is available for night fishing, as well as day tickets. The Heron lake would be more suited to a less experienced angler that would prefer to fish with an experienced friend.



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