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Fishery rules


We love our spot in the countryside and all the elements that make it such a special place to come and relax and enjoy a great days fishing.

We try hard to ensure that everyone who joins us at the lakes has a fantastic experience and to help us achieve that we ask you to follow our rules:

Equipment for all lakes except Kingfisher

Please see specific rules for specimen lake

  • Barbless hooks only - max size 10

  • No surface fishing

  • No braid allowed

  • You must have a large net, as well as a large,  thick unhooking mat or cradle

  • Fish care first aid liquids or sprays must be used

  • Maximum of two rods per person for day or night fishing

  • No bolt rigs, Zig rigs etc

  • NB: all landing nets, keep nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats must be staked out for 30 mins before entering the water.

  • No stink bags on the bank

  • Keep nets allowed for silvers pleasure fishing - however you must speak to the owner prior to using them. Max 5 hours, all carp and silvers over 2lb must be released immediately. During hot weather keep nets are not allowed to be used for pleasure fishing.

Matches - additional rules

  • Barbless hooks only - max size 10 for carp and max size 12 for silvers lakes

  • Separate keep nets for carp and silvers. Carp max 60lbs, silvers max 40lbs

  • Catch nets must be used for bigger fish - 6 inch + or approx 2 ounces

  • When releasing fish after weighing, net must be placed in the water - do not drop fish in to the water from any height

  • Do not slip/roll fish through keep nets in to weigh nets


  • No bloodworm, joker, dog or cat meats, dog biscuits, spam type meats, bread, artificial baits, nuts or home made boilies/baits

  • No spods or bait boats

  • No floating baits or surface fishing

  • Take all unused baits home with you - do not drop excess bait in to lakes


  • You must have a valid EA rod licence

  • If taking pictures of carp - either keep them in the net on a mat/cradle or if you are holding a carp you must be knelt down and the fish held low to the mat

  • No litter to be left at the fishery - please take all rubbish home

  • All anglers aged 16 or under for day fishing or under 18 for night fishing, must be accompanied by an adult 

  • No alcohol or drugs allowed on site

  • All fish must be handled correctly and released as quickly as possible back in to the water

  • If you believe a fish has been injured or you have concerns please contact the fishery owner immediately

  • Park in the carparks only, unless you have permission to drive to the bank by the owner

  • The speed limit on site is 5mph for the safety of other visitor and our resident goats, dogs, horses and wildlife.

You will be asked to leave without a refund if you do not adhere

to the rules


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